Fisherman and Catholic Priests rise against the Port City


Fisherman and Catholic Priests Protest – Negombo

Yesterday, Fisherman and Catholic priests in Negombo area Started a protest against the activities going along with the Colombo, Port City project. After a gathering in Negombo-Wallaweediya Church, all Fisherman and Catholic Priests came down to the Negombo -Thalwatta Junction in a parade protesting on the Natural Hazard that they will have to face because of the Port City Project.

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Even Though Police took steps to clear the traffic jam by using alternative routes, Colombo – Puttalam Main Road and the Railway from Katunayake was completely blocked by the protesters and public has to face a huge difficulty in traveling after work yesterday.

It was a huge highlight that no any political person or a group involvement was present on yesterday for this Protest.


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